Disaster Response

NURSES Etc STAFFING is a provider of Disaster Responders for the State of Texas and can rapidly organize and deploy response teams on short-notice.
We are currently developing structured and trained response teams to provide effective medical assistance and aide during various types of disasters. We can provide and assist with the following:
- Setting up Shelters During Hurricanes, Floods, Fires and Other Emergencies Disasters
- Deploying Medical Teams Throughout Texas and Outside States
- Deploying Medical Teams for General Shelter Management
- Deploying Medical Teams to Setup Field Hospitals and Operations
- Deploying Teams for Public Health Services (Flu-H1N1 Statewide)
- Provide Assistance During Other Emergencies Related to Public Health
To join our Disaster Response Team, come by our office and meet us or simply apply online here.
For more information you can call us at 210-566-9995 or email info@nursesetc.net.
For information on joining our team in the Houston area please call 713-780-2822 or email us at NEShouston@nursesetc.net.
The following online training will be required for some Disaster Response team members:
ICS 100
ICS 200
IIS 700